Sunday, February 1, 2009


February 1st. Superbowl Sunday. Like the rest of America, I could care less about football. Wait, am I misreading the Zeitgeist?

Doesn't matter. Moving on: Ross (my occasional writing partner) and I had a conference-call this afternoon with J.

J, in case you're interested, is a Hollywood producer with an impressive list of feature credits. He's a smart, funny guy. Reasonable too. A rare bird in these woods. He also happens to be in business with an up-and-coming young movie star who would be perfect for the lead in our movie, CSS.

J views CSS as the first film of a series -- a possible franchise for Star -- and do I have to tell you, Ross and I agree with him. So what the three of us (Ross, J, and myself) are now doing is working on The Pitch.

The Pitch...where you go shlepping into the office of some Hollywood big shot, open up your little box of wares and go launching into your spiel. The Pitch. J says he prefers to have his written out in detail and delivered practically verbatim -- like the Gettysberg Address, only, y'know, funnier.

J has sold pitches before, so compared to Ross and me he's an expert. He wants to see a draft of The Pitch in his inbox no later than Monday, February 9th. Why the rush? Because he wants us to hone The Pitch with Star...practice The Pitch with a hand-picked "focus group" (mostly his writer friends)... and then deliver The Pitch to Universal or Disney, all by the end of February.

That's why the rush.

Here's what else I have to do before the end of the month: Finish writing a MONK script I haven't even begun yet, confer with three other producers (M, A and F) about a TV project of theirs, and confer with P (yep, another producer) about a TV project of mine.

And if that isn't enough, I still hope to break ground on a spec I've had gestating for three years now: AK's.

And on the seventh day, I'll rest.

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