Friday, February 20, 2009


Well, it was bound to happen eventually, kids. Thanks to Lee Goldberg over at A Writer’s Life, my cover is officially blown. The hubcap’s been yanked off The Wheel. Check it out…

Lee is a good writer, a good guy, and a good friend. But damn, damn, damn!

Now that I am no longer blogging into a void, now that people are actually reading this damn thing, I guess I’m starting to feel a bit self-conscious. After all, my blogging has to be…entertaining now. It has to be, y’know, good.

Look for far fewer posts in the future.


  1. But what you've written this far IS entertaining. Don't bail on us now.

    No pressure. ;)


  2. You're a writer - you don't really want to write to a void, do you? ...and for all that, pretend you are and never check your blog stats and then you can babble blissfully unaware of how many are enjoying your blog...

  3. After reading your thought about Mr. Goldberg outing you, am I to feel shamed for taking him up on his thought that you might be an entertaining writer? I think not. You are stuck with me, at least, until Mr. Goldberg, my leader, tells me otherwise.

    Besides, if you want to know about writing into the void, I can give you stories that will make you hair stand on end. Keep up the good work.

  4. I'm glad to have found your blog &, yes, it's quite entertaining ... & I didn't even get here via Mr. Goldberg. ; >


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