Friday, February 20, 2009


Here is what one of my good friends in The Industry – let’s call him Alcatraz (he is in “movie jail” at the moment; persona non grata; you’ll soon know why) -- had to say in a recent group email about this year’s Academy Awards broadcast. Keep in mind that I generally never agree with this guy’s opinions but almost always enjoy the manner in which he expresses them.

Alcatraz: “So after a lot of thought and deliberation I have decided I’d rather watch twenty-five back-to-back episodes of GALACTICA 1980 followed by a chaser of DR. VEGAS than even eight fucking minutes of this year’s Oscars telecast. Know why? Because I have zero interest in this year’s nominees, that’s why.

“I can’t be too specific because some of you may have worked on these movies or voted for them but at least one of this year’s Best Picture nominees is nothing but a tritely written, wildly overpraised fairy tale.

“Another one typifies the same kind of self-congratulatory ‘message’ movie that right-thinking Hollywood types can always be depended on to fall for faster than a Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme.

“Another one is Important with a capital ‘I’, and is actually not that bad.

“Another one is Important with a capital ‘I’, and is just exactly that bad.

“And the last one is so bloated and pandering and simplistic that nobody that I’ve spoken with who’s actually seen this fucking movie had anything positive to say about it. Nobody. They were all disappointed -- 26 or 27 people -- and here it is being nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture of the year. Unbe-fucking-lievable.”

Again, I almost never seem to agree with Alcatraz, and this time was no exception. I actually enjoyed four of the five movies being nominated this year, but I thought I’d pass along this critique.

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  1. Let's see, in order it's, Slumdog Millionaire, The Reader, Milk, Frost/Nixon, and Benjamin Button.

    But maybe Slumdog and Button should be reversed?


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