Sunday, February 1, 2009


Yeah, once again I am poaching from my Facebook page, this time by slapping up a questionaire titled "25 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME". Here it is...

1. Schedule permitting, I usually crash around 3 or 4 AM and sleep until noon.
2. On balance I prefer old movies to new ones.
3. My favorite movie is HAVANA.
4. My favorite writer is F. Scott Fitzgerald, but…
5. …I like Richard Matheson, too, because of his brilliance as a storyteller and the fact that his style is less intimidating. I read him and think, “Yeah, I can do that.”
6. I was very depressed throughout my teens and 20s.
7. I met my wife back in 1996.
8. We didn’t start dating until 2004.
9. In between, I never stopped thinking about her.
10. I still haven’t.
11. We have a cat named Guinevere I would kill and die for.
12. I tend to work in “spurts” and wish I was more disciplined.
13. I do my best work late at night (see # 1).
14. Although I make my living as a comedy writer, my favorite shows and movies (most of them) aren’t comedic.
15. My wife and I have no children, and no plans for any.
16. The older I get, the more I value my true friends…
17. …and the more I realize how scarce they are.
18. Socially I am very liberal: Pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, etc.
19. On other issues, though, my thinking is more diverse.
20. When I am doing low-carb, I tend to feel better but…
21. …doing low-carb is HARD. (Damn you, Mrs. Fields!)
22. Although I don’t look it, I’m stronger than most guys (I bench over 300 lbs.)
23. I wish I looked it.
24. At thirty-uh...something, I am elderly by Hollywood standards…
25. …and whatever talent I possess I am constantly afraid of losing. I always think my last good idea was really my LAST good idea.

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